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Why most teas are not so healthy

Teas and Herbs are a wonderful source of vitamins, antioxidants

and so many other great all natural goodies, but so many teas today

are well... anything BUT natural. Want to know why!?

Things that make most teas not so healthy:

They are Not 100% Organic Blends

Many teas found in stores today are not Organic and so even though they may contain healthy ingredients they also likely contain harmful chemical residues from the pesticides used on the crops.

Micro-plastics in Tea Bags & Containers

Another reason that many store teas are not so natural are because they are sold in tea bags. Now these may seem convenient and harmless but many tea bags contain harmful micro plastics that leach into your tea while brewing. That's why at O.G. Tea we sell loose leaf tea and stainless steel brewing baskets for a clean brew.

This also includes packaging loose leaf tea in plastic bags or containers where the chemicals in the plastic can over time leech into teas. The healthiest way to go is to store them in air tight glass jars, like our adorable O.G. Tea jars, or for an eco-friendly refill option you can opt for our recyclable bag packing.

Impure Ingredients

It's hard to find tea blends with ingredients that are supportive of the female body. On top of all of this it is hard to find teas that are supportive of the body and our entire system. Our founder created our Original Tea Blends because she was struggling with hormone imbalances and irregular cycles. Many women struggle with these issues and we don't have to tell you that when your hormones are out of whack your whole being feels out of alignment... and okay 1 more thing!

The Water you use to Brew the Tea with

The water you use for brewing your tea makes a BIG difference for your health and well just promise us that you'll brew our tea with filtered water and we will promise you quality 100% Organic and ALL natural teas that support your health and wellbeing!


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